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Feb. 3, 2012

Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement Condemns Attacks On Students of Color at UW Parkside

To Scott Walker: Denounce Attacks and Punish Those Responsible

The Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement condemns the attacks on students of color at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. We stand in solidarity with students of color, their communities and allies in opposing this latest racist attack.

Late Wednesday, Feb. 1, a noose fashioned from rubber bands was found in Pike River Suites (Dorms) at UW Parkside in Kenosha County. Early Thursday morning, Feb. 2, the person who reported the incident received a threatening note that students and their allies are referring to as a "hit-list." Later in the day, other threatening notes were discovered.

These despicable racist attacks are directly related to the climate fostered by the Scott Walker administration and the racist right-wing in Wisconsin including but not limited to abolishing affirmative action in the state's construction industry, the union-busting laws that affect workers of color most directly, the attack on Voter ID laws, the attack on Native people with the proposed mine in the the Penokee Hills of northern WI, the attacks on affirmative action within the UW System and draconian tuition increases which affect students of color most directly along with the historical racism in the state. This attack on people of color at UW-Parkside is also just months after the attempted Nazi September recruitment rally in West Allis and the ongoing Tea Party activities in the state.

We stand against racism and oppose these latest attacks on students of color and their communities and we stand ready to assist those fighting back against this terrorism aimed at people of color.


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