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About Us

The New York City Jobs for All Campaign is a coalition of jobless, underemployed and employed workers, students, low income, immigrant, and homeless community members, artists, activists and community organizers who share the common belief that a job is a right and that we must fight for a city-wide jobs program. Many of us have struggled for a long time with joblessness and jobs that do not pay enough to support our families; when the recession hit it became even clearer that things were only going to get worse for the working poor.

Throughout this "jobless recovery", the banks and the rich are thriving, but the workers, the backbone of this country's economy, are still suffering. Budget cuts to schools, public worker layoffs, unaffordable rents, cuts to public transportation and public services are all making it increasingly difficult to live as a worker in New York. Members of the Jobs for All Campaign believe that a city-wide jobs program is necessary and possible. There is plenty of work to be done and the money for this program exists. Almost a quarter of the New York City budget (our money) goes to tax-free interest payments to the banks—this money must be redirected to the people.

If you're unemployed or underemployed, don't let anyone blame or shame you — it's not you're fault. It's the fault of a system that puts profits before people. The Jobs for all Campaign is about people reclaiming the dignity that the system tries to take away by fighting back.

What Is a City-Wide Jobs for All Program?

Seventy-five years ago, in response to mass organizing efforts by the working class, President Roosevelt signed the executive order establishing the Works Projects Administration, the biggest public jobs program in U.S. history. We are calling for a similar program in New York City.

Close to 1 million New Yorkers are either unemployed or severely underemployed. In Black and Latino communities, unemployment can be as high as 40%, and for youth, 70%. It's time to get people back to work!

The money going to the private developers and the banks should instead go into employing people to rebuild our city's infrastructure and provide the services that working people need—healthcare, childcare, transportation, education, and other public programs.

If you don't have a job, fight to get one. If you do have a job, fight to keep it!

Community Roots

As a coalition we work with people in the hardest hit communities in the New York area, such as the South Bronx, Harlem, Newark, Queens, Jersey City, and Brooklyn. We hope to build strong and lasting connections with people who are already organizing in their own communities.

We work to empower those who have few outlets to fight back and provide links to those who are already fighting. We envision a coalition where individual communities, with their own organizing models and demands, can come together in People's Assemblies for jobs at living wages or income for all.

What We Do to Fight for Jobs

  • Organize street rallies, People's Assemblies, Unemployment Councils, borough-wide job campaign meetings, and mass demonstrations
  • Connect with community organizations
  • Distribute literature including a people's ballot on unemployment
  • Organized targeted actions against those who control the wealth

Get Involved

  • We meet weekly — please contact us for specific meeting times. New faces are always needed! Email
  • Join a committee within the campaign—outreach, direct action and research, media, and literature.
  • Start your own local organizing committee in your borough or neighborhood.

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